In 1998 my wife and I discovered the

Tibetan terriers

, and thereafter our love for it grew. It is, in fact, our passion for this wonderful dog that we would like to share with you.

First of all, why is the name « La Vallée Céleste » instead of a Tibetian name like most of the breeds?

We would like to honour a person through that name, who has meant more than anybody else in our lives and in particular for my wife, Carine’s grandmother. The latter’s name was Célestine and Carine often called her « Céleste ». She always represents a softness, a comprehension, a kindness, a nobility of soul and a selflessness to Carine. The comparison may seem weird, but the

Tibetan terrier

s possesses all these qualities. Is this not a sign from the destiny ?

When we had found our house on the road of the Vallée, Carine said : « This is the house of my dreams with lots of land ! ». We were far from thinking that our lovely dogs will, one day, roam about.

As you have understood, saying the name of our breed « La Vallée Céleste » brings much feelings and many wonderful memories to us.

Our logo, which we are very proud of, is a view of Babydol, our queen, walking through a valley full of stars. These stars represent all the kisses which granny Célestine sends to us and also to our dogs.

Noone will ever be able take this name as it belongs to Carine, like her love for the Tibetan terriers.


It was with our Babydol, the craze of my wife, that everything started.

Other dogs have equally counted in our lives : Zorba, our first dog, Blush that I loved above everything else, our princesse Dakini, Yrgian and Bilou that lived with us for some time.

We will never forget you, my darlings. You are in our heart forever.